North Dakota and Pittsburgh!

April 26th, 2013

Been having so much fun the last couple weeks. I went to Fargo, North Dakota for the very first time. I loved it. The club The Northern was great. The girls were super hot there. Something in the water in Fargo. I want to thank everyone who came out to see me and thanks to the great staff. I went to Blush in Pittsburgh,PA April 16-20 after having 1 day home after Fargo. Pittsburgh was great. I had super warm weather Tuesday-Thursday and super cold weather Friday and Saturday. I went to 2 Pirates games while I was there. Thursday was awesome since it was around 80 degrees and I was in the Lexus Lounge and  my seats were amazing but Saturday it was freezing cold and I couldn’t feel my toes so I hated it. Thank goodness it was nice and warm at Blush. Also, my cousin Angela and her husband drove from Cleveland to see me Friday and Saturday so that definitely made the trip more fun. Thank you to everyone who came to see me at Blush and to all the staff there and Albert. It feels great to be back in Los Angeles this week now catching up on errands and getting ready to shoot for my website before leaving for my next appearance in Bangor, Maine. Make sure you check out all the pictures and videos in my members section of and . I will also be doing live camera chats very soon in the members section 2 times a month starting in May so join now!!!

I Love March!!!

March 28th, 2013

I just love this time of year. It is finally getting to be the nice warm weather in Los Angeles that I love. I grew up in South Florida so I like it hot and usually I think its cold here in LA and I complain about it to anyone who will listen to me. Most people think I am crazy though and that the weather here is great. All I know is that I sure hope that  Los Angeles can  bring on the super hot weather so I can start wearing my super cute shorts and sundresses. St.Patrick’s Day I went to see my friend and co-star from my upcoming movie Sake Bomb, Dat Phan perform at Flappers in Burbank. My beautiful friend Kristina and her husband Rob McCullough also came to see the show. I thought Dat was hilarious. I think he is super talented and I am so honored that I got to work with him. Dennis Haskins, who so many of you know as Mr.Belding from Saved By The Bell, also performed and did a great job. It was very nice to meet him since I loved the show growing up. The last two weeks have been nice for me since I have been catching up on so much office work before I go out of town again. I will be in Las Vegas at Sapphire hosting a party 3-6pm on Monday, April 8, The Northern in Fargo,North Dakota April 12-13 and Blush April 16-20 in Pittsburgh,PA. I can’t wait to meet everyone at all my appearances. Also, make sure you check out and to see more of me!!!

Happy March Madness!

March 13th, 2013

I hope everyone is having a great month of March so far. Although I know this is March Madness time in college basketball I would have to say this is my calmest month in a long time. I went to Florida to celebrate Deja Vu Tampa’s 17th anniversary. I had so much fun. I especially enjoyed Hammered Harry’s next door and owned by Deja Vu. On Suday after my appearance at Deja Vu I drove to Clearwater, Fl to hang out with my agent Dave and his family. He has been my feature dance agent for 11 years now, so he knows me pretty well. He has seen me through the good, the bad and the ugly, LOL. He also has the cutest little boy I have ever seen. I am kind of obsessed with him. Monday I drove to Boca Raton, Fl to see my mom. I also got to see my good friend Kristina, who I have known since 9th grade. We went out Monday night. She is always super fun. I would say she is  the most fun girl I know, and trust me I know a lot of fun ladies. Tuesday night through Thursday I stayed with my very good friend Sandy. He is an amazing attorney and an amazing friend. We had a great time together. Most importantly on this trip I got to visit my mom who is doing wonderful in her new place. When I flew back to Los Angeles I had my friend Skip visiting from Philly.  He was staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel. We had drinks and then went out to BOA. Let me just say that BOA is so good. I love it there. We also went to Spago on Sunday, another great famous place to eat in Beverly Hills. Friday night I attended Mike Tyson’s opening of his 1 man show. He was actually pretty good. I was impressed. I love the Pantages theater and seeing Mike on the stage was great. Yesterday I did a shoot to go along with an interview I just did for the San Francisco Chronicle about the recall election which believe it or not was 10 years ago. It was kind of a where are they now type piece about myself and a few other candidates. I will post a link to it when it comes out. I had a great time shooting the pics.   I have no appearances this month as of now but next month I will be in Vegas, North Dakota and Pittsburgh,PA at Blush. Make sure you check out my websites and to see all my newest pics and vidoes. Until next time…

Next Stop Tampa!

February 17th, 2013

I have been super busy the last week. On Tuesday night I went to the opening of Jekyll & Hyde at the Pantages Theater. It was very good. I would have to say it is now one of my favorite Musicals. Constantine Maroulis and Deborah cox were magnificent. Wednesday I had to be up early to finish shooting my 2nd movie for HBO/Cinemax. I had such a great time on set with the cast. It was the same cast from the movie I shot the previous week. I also loved the director Randy and the crew. It was one of my most fun times on set ever. Thursday I was scheduled to do a skype interview for the Huffinton Post with Jackie Collins. I was so excited since she is one of my favorite authors and I have read all of her books. I got to ask 1 question and then my computer just died on me. By the time I got everything set up on my other laptop the segment was over. I was very disappointed but least I got to ask her 1 question. After that was done I went to Fryman Canyon to shoot a promo video from my upcoming appearances Feb.21-23 at Deja VU in Tampa, Fl. It is the 17th anniversary of the club so I am planning on it being a HUGE party. Deja Vu is one of my favorite chains and they also have the best anniversary parties. Going to spend the next couple days getting ready and tanning, nails done, hair, picking up merchandise to sell, etc. Make sure you come see me if you are in the Tampa area.  Thursday was also Valentine’s Day. I went to dinner at my favorite sushi spot, Katsuya. It was yummy as usual.Also, check out the hot new picture and videos on and

Let’s Make A Movie!

February 6th, 2013

I have been super busy this past week and I love it. I was on the set shooting a HBO/Cinemax movie called The All Babe Network. I got to play a character type that I have not really ever played before, which was a bitch. I usually always play someone more like myself which is a happy, bubbly person so it was fun and challenging. I had so much dialog to remember but I loved it. I also met a super hot new girlfriend named Jazy Berlin. I love tall blondes and she happens to be 5’9″ just like me. The cast and crew were all amazing and so much fun to work with. I will be shooting another movie next week so I am excited to see everyone again. I will be feature dancing in Tampa,Florida at Deja Vu Feb.21-23 so make sure to come see me if you are in the area. I posted the flyer here. Also, make sure you check out my websites and to see my newest pics and videos.

Life On The Road!

January 22nd, 2013

I have spent the last couple weeks busy traveling and feature dancing. Two weeks ago I was in St.Louis at the Hustler Club with my friend Rubber Doll. We got in Wednesday night and had a little wine in our hotel room. It was pretty fun. Thursday morning we had to get up super early for some radio shows. We had a driver who was horrible but he became our on going joke on the trip since he seemed to make many mistakes and mess up simple tasks that the club asked him to do. Thursday night was our first night at the club and as usual it was great. I say as usual because Hustler Clubs are always awesome. They just do great marketing, have good staff, and treat you great. I love feature dancing at Hustler/Deja Vu clubs. The manager Sullie was awesome and so so was his wife Nicole and Chef who helped me out. My friend Chris who does the marketing for the clubs flew in from Baltimore so we had alot of fun hanging out. Friday we did more radio and then went to dinner. Saturday night was my last night there and then Rubber Doll and I had to be at the airport at 8am. We both decided it was a very confusing and complicated airport since nobody would help us with our bags. LOL I was home for 3 days and then flew to one of my favorite cities in the entire country… Philly!!! I was at the Oasis for 3 days, 2 shows a night. My friend Dennis took me to dinner Thursday night and then set me up with his friends for the 76ers game on Friday night. I spent half of the game in my friend Skip’s awesome suite at center court and then the other half of the game and over time at the scorers table. I have sat courtside at games many times before but I have to say nothing was like sitting next to the guy who does the score on the score board. I tried to distract him a couple times to see if he would mess up. LOL. Anyway, it was super fun and a great game. Thanks so much to Jack for letting me sit with him. I flew back to Los Angeles on Sunday and now have some time off. Oh, how could I forget to mention, in between St.Louis and Philly I went to the opening night of Peter Pan at the Pantages Theater. It was amazing. Cathy Rigby was amazing and I could not believe she was in her sixties. I love musicals and this one was especially good because of all the dancing. I must also say I missed the AVN Awards this year and I was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame. I did not know I was going to be, as this was my first year that I could be ,so I took the booking at Oasis during the awards not knowing. I am sad I missed the show but I just want to thank AVN again and I am very honored.  Also, make sure you check out all my hot new pictures and videos at and .

Happy 2012 Everyone!

January 4th, 2013

I want to wish everyone a happy and healthy 2013! I was super busy the last couple weeks of 2012. First I was at the Hustler Club in Las Vegas with Jesse Jane, Lacey Rain, and Dan Finnerty from the Dan Band. That was Dec. 11-15. After that I went to Hustler Baltimore where I celebrated Christmas. I loved Baltimore. I was there with my girl Rubber Doll. The staff, girls and customers were all amazing. I had such a great time and hope to go back soon. After all the traveling I got a cold and was happy to spend NYE at home. It was a first for me and I loved it. Next week I will be at Hustler St. Louis, Jan.10-12 with Rubber Doll and then after that I will be at Oasis in my favorite city Philly!!!! I also added a hot new photo set to my websites and and have a bunch of new stuff coming for 2013 so join now!

Vegas Next Week!

December 8th, 2012

I have been super busy this last week. On Saturday Dec. 1 I flew to San Jose to host a party at Studio 8. It was super fun even though the weather was not that great. It was only my second time to San Jose and I thought it was a beautiful city. Tuesday I did a radio test for a new sirius station and Wednesday I flew out to beautiful Phoenix, Arizona for a photo shoot with Dezert Images. Oh, and how could I forget to mention on Tuesday night I attended the opening night of Donnie and Maire at the Pantages Theater. I just love going to the Pantages. Phoenix was super fun and on my plane ride home I met the super hot Lindsay Marie and I got to see my friend Tiny Lister again. We had great time on the plane ride. Friday I shot some promos for my upcoming Hustler Club appearances at the beautiful Hustler Hollywood store on Sunset blvd. I also picked up some new feather boas and a cute Christmas costume for my upcoming shows. I can’t wait to try them out. I will be performing at the Hustler Club in Las Vegas Dec. 11-15 with 2 shows nightly, and the Hustler Club in Baltimore, MD Dec.21-15, with now shows on the 24th. Make sure you come out and see me if you are in the area! Also, check out my websites and .

Happy Holidays!

November 24th, 2012

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I spent the day with my mom and then flew back that night to Los Angeles. I had spent the week in Florida. My Florida trip started off in Tampa last Thursday when I arrived to feature dance at the Brass Flamingo in Port Richey, Fl and Oasis in Clearwater,Fl. I had an amazing time at both clubs. The owners, managers and staff were top notch and very hospitable. On Friday night a girlfriend of mine from middle school drove to see me and one of my best friends Brandi C. also came to see me. Brandi and I always get crazy together and ended up staying up talking till 7am. So fun though! Sunday I went to Busch Gardens with my agent Dave from A-list Features, his wife Nikita Kash and the most adorable little boy I have ever seen, Rocco!  Rocco has to be one of the cutest babies ever. He has the biggest, blues eyes ever. We had so much fun, although I had only slept 3 hours and had lost my voice from working in the club the previous nights. I also am scared to death of most roller coasters so I did not go on any of them. LOL Monday I drove to Boca Raton to see my mommy who has been sick in the hospital the last 2 weeks. She is doing better now. I stayed at my favorite hotel ever, the Boca Raton Beach Resort. I also got to go out with my friend Kristina who I have been friends with since 9th grade. We always have so much fun together. I am now home in Los Angeles for a week and then I leave for San Jose, CA on Dec.1 to host Christmas party at Studio B. I can’t wait. Hosting parties is my speciality, LOL. I also updated my website with some hot pictures and videos so check it out at and . Till next time…

Back to Fl Next Week!

November 9th, 2012

I hope everyone voted this last Tuesday. I think we are so lucky to live in a country where we have this right and when people don’t take advantage of this right they are just idiotic. I hope the next four years get better and I hope our economy improves. Ok, enough about that and on to Mary Carey News, LOL. I went to Playboy Radio on Tuesday to talk politics for an election special, that was super fun. I always enjoy myself on the radio and of course Playboy Radio is the most fun ever! I am going to be super busy starting next week. I fly to Florida for an appearance in Clearwater, Fl and Port Richey, Fl. Even though I grew up in South Florida I have never been to these two parts of Florida so it should be fun. I will be at Oasis and the Brass Flamingo Nov. 15-17. I am super excited because in December I will be feature dancing in Las Vegas for 10 shows. I have hosted parties in Vegas at clubs and signed at conventions but never have I performed so this will be exciting. I will be at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club Dec. 11-15, 2 shows a night. I can’t wait. I will be at the Hustler Club in Baltimore, MD the following week with my girlfriend Rubber Doll. We perform Dec. 21-25 with the night of Dec.24 off. If you will be near any of my shows please come out and see me! I have much more coming up and will make sure to post it here. I of course have been updating my websites and with tons of hot pictures so make sure you check that out too!