After Porn Ends and Chicago!

Tuesday night I went to the screening of a documentary that I am in called “After Porn Ends”. It was really good. I shot my segment in 2008 right after I shot Sober House for VH1. I honestly did not remember anything I had said so I was super nervous going to the screening, dreading what might come out of my super big and honest mouth. Overall, I was happy and thought I was pretty funny. Only thing I didn’t like about myself was that I shot this during my, as I call it, “fat” year of my life, which was after Celeb Rehab and Sober House. During Celeb Rehab, Dr.Drew had put me on some pills to get off xanax and they had made me put on weight combined with it was a year where I wasn’t as diligent with the gym and my diet as I normally am and I was 15 pounds heavier in this than I am today. When I gain weight it tends go all go to my face and my stomach. My butt and thighs always stay the same. Since this documentary films mostly from the chest up, you get a nice look at my heavier face. Oh well, you live and you learn. It was also shot during the 6 weeks in my life when I chose to put black streaks in my blonde hair, what was I thinking??? Again, you live and you learn, right? Other than my part,which again I thought to be very me, I loved this documentary and found it so interesting. I was a personal fan of many in the movie and it was nice to see what people were up too. Of course, I cried at the end of documentary but I am a very emotional person, either way I hope everyone checks it out, . Wednesday night I went to see the musical Chicago at the Pantages. It was amazing! It was starring Christie Brinkley and let me just say she is the best looking 58 year old I have ever seen. She was great! I love the song “All That Jazz” and remember dancing to that in high school, in fact many of the songs in this musical reminded me of my ballet days from high school. I also added some new pictures to my website and so check them out!

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